Learn Calculus from the Best Calculus Tutors

Learn Calculus from the Best Calculus Tutors

The chapter on calculus can be tricky at times for many students. Various students find this chapter very difficult, however with the help of a proper calculus tutor, fear of the subject will vanish from the minds of the students. At Cuemath, we have the best calculus tutor who has an innate understanding of the concept of calculus.

Benefits of Learning Calculus from a Personalized Tutor

The following points mentioned below signify the benefits of learning calculus from a personalized tutor.

  • One to One attention: A great benefit of learning math from a personalized math tutor is the one-to-one attention that a student receives. Furthermore, in a class, there are about 20 to 30 students. In this scenario, a student can pay attention and cannot communicate with the students. A teacher can’t be blamed for this. A math tutor will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of a child. They will try to grow more skills that will help them in their day-to-day life. Hence, always choose a math tutor for your child.
  • Boost their Confidence: It is for sure that, if you choose a math tutor for your child, you will see a change in confidence in them. When students make mistakes in the assignments given by teachers, they become hesitant to speak up, ask questions and clear their doubts. On the other hand, a personalized math tutor will always help your child by clearing their doubts and engaging themselves in math class. Therefore, preferring a math tutor is always beneficial.
  • Improved behavior towards academics and school: It is found that various students find certain subjects difficult to grasp. This is because they do not understand the material or find it confusing. However, a math tutor will help a child to understand concepts with ease. They will clear concepts conceptually. If a student understands things conceptually, they will never forget that topic.

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What does Exponential Function Signify?

A type of mathematical function that can be used to find the exponential growth or decay of an entity can be defined as the exponential function. These entities may be population, price, economy, money, and so on. Suppose, you were writing an article on the topic of the exponential growth of bacteria, in order to mention the data, you must know about the exponential function. As the name suggests, the exponential function involves exponents. Those numbers which show how many times a number is multiplied by itself are known as exponents. These numbers can be fractions, decimals, negative and positive numbers, and whole numbers.

Exponential Growth Vs Exponential Decay

The following points mentioned below analyze the differences between exponential growth and decay.

  1. Exponential growth is a type of growth where a quantity increases slowly at the beginning and drastically changes as it moves ahead. Exponential decay is a type of exponential function where a quantity decreases rapidly in the beginning and then decreases slowly.
  2. The graph of exponential growth always increases whereas the graph of exponential decay always decreases.
  3. Examples of exponential growth are population growth, increase in economy, etc. Examples of exponential decay are a decrease in population and a decline in the rate of growth of viruses.

Exponents, calculus, and exponential functions can be tricky concepts if their fundamentals are not clear. If you want to learn more about exponential functions and exponents in a detailed manner, visit Cuemath and learn from the expert teachers of the subject in a fun and interesting manner. 

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