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Dream Fanart

Dream Fanart studied illustration at Musashino Art University, Japan. She later went on to study character design at Metis International College, graduating with honors. She learned character design for games and films, object-oriented programming, and digital media studies. Dream also worked part-time at the award-winning architecture firm, Kinoshita Group. Currently, she resides in Tokyo, Japan. As a fan of manga and anime, Dream’s fanart has a Japanese flare and a distinct anime feel.

Dream is a YouTube vlogger

Dream is a YouTube vlogger who has become a massive success on the site. He started his channel on February 8th, 2014, but did not begin posting content until July of 2019. In his first video, he played Minecraft in a terribly inept manner and got over 200,000 views in two days. His subsequent videos have garnered over 16 million views. Dream is credited with generating a large part of YouTube’s massive popularity.

The name DreamWasTaken has not been revealed on his YouTube account, but he is a native of Orlando, Florida. Dream has a younger sister and brother. He has also worked for AppleCare in the past. His initial content on YouTube was primarily vlogs, though later he began uploading Minecraft videos. Dream spent up to eight hours a day playing Minecraft in middle school, which was consistent with his studies.

The social psychology triggers that his fans react to have helped him gain popularity on YouTube. Fans of his YouTube videos have connected to his friendship with George and made compilations of their interactions. Fans have even incorporated Sapnap and BadBoyHalo into his videos. These videos have gained Dream millions of views, but many still have questions about his relationship with the former model. However, Dream is still hopeful that “the real her” will return.

He dislikes NSFW art

The infamous “Dream Team” has been known to condemn NSFW dream fanart. Fans have been known to create inappropriate fan art featuring minors, sexualizing them, or depicting violence. Dream is not an advocate of CP, and he has often told fans to keep this type of fanart out of their galleries. Assuming Dream approves the fanart, it’s likely that the author of the fanart will approve it.

Regardless of the source, it is unclear whether Dream will ever endorse NSFW dream fanart. While he’s generally okay with cosplay and fanfiction, the artist has publicly stated that he does not want to be associated with NSFW content. Though, he has said that he enjoys reading fanfic and cosplay. However, he dislikes the idea of creating fanart that features animals.

Heterosexual Man

NSFW Dream fanart has caused a stir over the past year, primarily because the creators have been attacked by people claiming to be “fans” of the YouTube star. One group claimed the artist was homophobic. In fact, Dream is a straight guy who likes both girls and guys. However, Dream’s response to this damage control call reveals that he is an out and proud heterosexual man. Dream has also defended his reputation after a person accused him of cheating during a Minecraft speedrun. The artist has been lying for months about the accusations.

He doesn’t care if people ship him

Dream does not care whether people ship him or not. He has never explicitly encouraged Obsessive Shipping, but the fan community has shown no remorse for shippers. However, he does not seem to care about Dream fanart, so the question remains: Does he care? Or does he simply not care? The fans are not alone, and Dream’s fans are just as devoted as any other fandom.

The most common misconception about Dream fans is that he doesn’t care about what other fans call him. It is not. He simply likes the people who ship him. Fans should be respectful to others and refrain from publicly expressing their views on Dream. Remember, this fandom has spawned children who will later become a source of distaste. DreamSMP has become a tainted community because of these fans.

Final Words:

While Dream does not care about what fans ship him, he does care about harassment and doxxing. It is not appropriate to harass people with racist or sexist comments. Dream has urged fans to refrain from posting any NSFW comments or art on his fansite. In addition, Dream has also urged fans to block anyone who violates their boundaries. If they feel someone is harassing them, they should block the person and move on.


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