Surprise Gifts Ideas For A Boyfriend On His Birthday

Surprise Gifts Ideas For A Boyfriend On His Birthday
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Rare birthday gifts for boyfriend 

Love at times need words to express and showing love to your boyfriend is the prettiest thing in this world. Well talking about expressing love all have their way of doing so therefore you do have your ways. Speaking of which you like to collect some unseen and less known gift for your love. As for his birthday next week you are planning to add some uncommon birthday gifts. Hence in this article, we will enlighten you on some of the best yet rare birthday gifts for your boyfriend.

Gramophone styled Bluetooth speaker

Uncommon gifts always remain the center of attraction and that is why you want something rare for your boyfriend. Talking of that all of a sudden after searching through various sites you came across this particular piece. It is a vintage gift with a modern touch. Indeed this gift is the ultimate one for your boyfriend who loves to play soulful numbers in his leisure time. Now coming to the gift specification, it almost reaches up to 18 cm. the body is made of plastic and comes with a wooden finish. As per the technical features, it has a card reader, input Aux, and a freehand calling facility. It uses the 4.2 version of Bluetooth with a speaker ranging to 5 watts. Therefore you can always count on this as the best birthday gift for your boyfriend.

Mug in the shape of thor hammer

Your boyfriend is a great fan of Avenger movies. He loves to lay down and enjoy the avenger fights on screen. So being a doting girlfriend it was your long-time wish to search for some rare birthday gifts for him. And luckily you came across this coffee mug. Though it sounds ordinary in many ways it’s exclusive that is you will find it is shaped in the form of thor’s hammer. Truly your boyfriend will love to start the morning with one of the strongest character’s weapons of Marvel -comics. Talking about the material basically, it is made from ceramic.

If he does not like to enjoy the brewed coffee in this cup he can even decorate the same on his office table as a stationary holder. In the meantime, don’t forget to tell your boyfriend that it would be better to wash the same under normal tap water instead of putting that in the dishwasher. Besides that, it is a cool eye-catching birthday gift for him.

Solar-powered iron man

Having a relationship with him is the most wonderful thing that happened to you. That is why as a girlfriend you always pay attention to every little detail in regards to him. Most importantly, you pay heed to the gifts you buy for him on any occasion. It is worth mentioning that last year for his birthday you selected a spectacular gift for him. The gift was an iron man statue that draws the power from solar energy. Now once it gets activated it begins to move his head. Unquestionably this one is the right gift for any Avenger admirer. Now coming to the material it is made from pure plastic. And the best thing is that you don’t need any kind of battery to make it run. Truly speaking you are satisfied with this quirky gift idea as it serves the search in the best way.

Lamp with a frame

Well, these days you would see that people generally love to gift something personalized because that would reflect their love for the person. Keeping that feeling in mind you thought that it would be cool enough to present a photo frame to him, the worth of this gift is that it is more than a photo frame because it comes with a cut-out on top. The best part is that you can even engrave the name of your boyfriend. Talking about the frame it comes in shiny black color. To add an extra effect wooden spray painting is done on that as well. Note that the cutout part is made of wood only. Now coming to the led light, it is inbuilt with the frame with an adapter. Well, you are pleased with the gift idea as you got it from a renowned site


 Happy birthday music box

No matter whatever is the age of the person somehow the birthday song sung by all always adds a freshness to the celebration. Next month on your boyfriend’s birthday you also thought to hum the birthday song for him. Along with that, you will present him the gift that is a music box basically but when opened the birthday song can be heard at once. Coming to the look of the present it is made of superior quality birch ply. Apart from that, the smooth finishing of oak will simply glue the eyes.


Final say 

These are some of the researched rare online birthday gifts you can get at a reasonable price. 

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