The Bleach Character Spotlight: Oikawa


Oikawa is one of the toughest players in anime. He’s loud, fierce, and proud of himself. He knows he has the girls wrapped around his finger. However, despite his tough exterior, he is a good and lovable guy. Despite his sexy attitude, Hajime Iwaizumi knew Oikawa by heart, and he even had a soft spot for him.

Characters: Oikawa

Bleach is a cult classic, with excellent production values and an impressive cast of interesting characters. One such character, Oikawa, is one of the most interesting and unique of them all. In this Character Spotlight, I will discuss Oikawa’s personality traits and personality flaws, as well as how they contribute to the overall story of the anime. Note that this article contains minor spoilers for season two.

Oikawa is an intelligent and cunning boy, but his insecurities cause him to be insecure. His teammates tease him for not being as good as the other five or six on his team, even though he is clearly better than them. He feels inferior to Kageyama and Shiratorizawa, and blames his insecurities on them. Despite his insecurities, Oikawa is an outstanding setter, and his skill comes from his ability to study each opponent’s techniques and preferences.


A friend of Toru Oikawa’s, Hajime Iwaizumi is a third-year student at Aoba Johsai High. A wing-spiker and team ace, Iwaizumi is a dependable player. The two grew up together, spending time at school, practicing, and after school. Adolescence is a time of self-discovery and “main” identity development. During this time, many childhood friendships end as children realize their differences. Others form new relationships with people they share common interests with.

As Iwaizumi, Oikawa was Oikawa’s longtime friend, and they were close in their childhood. They watched volleyball games on television together, and played together in their free time. The two also accompanied each other to a Sendai volleyball match, where Oikawa met Argentinian setter Jose Blanco. That meeting helped shape his future as a setter.


The story is set in the Argentinian league, where Oikawa, a third year volleyball player, is desperate to get to Nationals. He has been friends with Iwaizumi since childhood, and they play volleyball together. Iwaizumi calls him “trashykawa,” “shittykawa,” or “crappykawa.” But despite his bad reputation, he takes care of his friend and tries to help him reach his dreams.

While we know that Tsukishima loves his fans, we do not know his real feelings. He never says, “Maybe this is something more.” He is always wearing strange clothes, but they do not suit him. He often wears a coat he borrowed from his mother, and it is a blue button-up. But his parents do not like fashion. As a result, Tsukishima shook his head and looked at the blank page.

Iwaizumi’s disdain for Oikawa

The character Oikawa is the younger sister of Iwaizumi, the main character in this manga. The two are extremely close, but their relationship is strained by Iwaizumi’s inability to keep up with them. Oikawa tries to stay after club activities to practice with Iwaizumi, but Iwaizumi tells him not to do it. The two get into a verbal spat, and Iwaizumi gets upset, dragging him home. Oikawa does not give in to Iwaizumi’s complaints, however, and continues to stay after club activities, even if she does not have to.

Oikawa teases Hinata, Kageyama, and Nishinoya as he tries to prove to Futakuchi that he can still win the tournament the following year. Despite this, Iwaizumi starts getting defensive and tells Oikawa that he is not a genius and should ignore his ranks and age.


Whether talent or sense is a better term depends on who you ask. Talent is a innate ability, while sense is a cultivated skill that is developed through practice. While both players work hard as setters, they cannot be compared on the same level. Kageyama has more natural ability, and the ability to take on traits of others is evident. Kageyama is a natural leader and setter, while Oikawa works tirelessly to perfect his spikers’ skills.

Oikawa’s ability to read other players and their emotions is a key strength. His keen sense of hearing the emotions of his teammates has led him to learn Kageyama’s speed methods quickly. His tosses are designed for teammates to hit them easily, and he often asks for feedback after each one. This innate talent makes him a great fit for any squad. But the key to maximizing his talents is to stay humble.


One of Oikawa’s biggest weaknesses is that he allows his insecurities to consume him. These issues first came to light when Kageyama approached him and asked for help. Oikawa regarded Kageyama as a demon child and even raised his hand to him, but his insecurity was so obvious that he didn’t realize it until it was too late. Both characters’ eyes are red, suggesting intense self-loathing. In fact, Oikawa’s greatest enemy is himself.

Final Words:

When Oikawa saw that his partner had low self-esteem, he was horrified. The next time she saw him staring in the mirror, she immediately realised that he was doubting himself. This lead to further emotional pressure on him, but he didn’t notice that he could always count on her. Oikawa hoped that by giving her compliments, her partner would develop a better self-esteem.


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