Is it Best to go Through with a Mediation Divorce in Alabama?

Divorce mediation can help some couples, but it is still a big decision that requires careful consideration.

In Alabama, couples going through a divorce can use mediation to reach an agreement with a neutral third party on topics including child custody and property division. Remembering that you cannot communicate with the mediator is a crucial first step for couples going through mediation. Throughout mediation and before signing the final divorce agreement, you will need to consult with a divorce lawyer in Huntsville.

Advantages of mediating

There are a number of reasons why mediation can help many couples going through a divorce. As an example, The newspaper reports that couples can choose which concerns to address in mediation and reach a mutually agreeable resolution. Couples have full agency over the outcomes of their divorce talks, including choices regarding child custody and division of assets, rather than the court.

A divorce can be finalized more quickly with the help of mediation. Spouses can arrange their own schedules and, with any luck, end their divorce in a few sessions rather than waiting for court dates to roll around. Mediation is also less intrusive on parties’ privacy than litigation. Nothing that is stated openly in a courtroom in front of strangers, judges, or court personnel, including any correspondence, notes, or paperwork utilized throughout the procedure, is considered private.

Is going to court the best option?

Although mediation helps many couples work through their divorce issues, it is not the best choice for every pair. Mediation, rather than litigation, maybe a good option for couples getting a divorce if:

  • It is a mutual decision where both partners have agreed that terminating the marriage is the most favorable course of action.
  • If the couple shares children, operates a joint enterprise or simply desires to maintain their connection for any given motive, it is likely that they aspire to preserve an amiable relationship following the finalization of their divorce.
  • The responsibility for the failure of one spouse in a marriage cannot be solely attributed to the other.
  • Both couples are knowledgeable and confident about their joint financial matters.
  • In their partnership, there is no room for physical aggression or substance misuse.
  • A spouse does not perceive themselves as easily intimidated by their partner.

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One factor that determines how smoothly a divorcee can move on with their lives once the divorce is finalized is the choice of dispute resolution method. For more information and legal advice, couples who are still uncertain about the benefits of mediation should speak with an attorney.

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