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GalGlitter acrylic dip glitter powder should be a tool for every girl to start dressing early; remember her childhood with colored pens on their fingers to create a little girl? Kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school, university to enter society, acrylic dip glitter powder in thelives of girls can be said to be essential, although now the economic conditions of people havebecome better, you can often access nail salons, do a variety of styles of nail art, but in theenjoyment of the expense, we also lost for their hands painted with a splash of wonderful color! But while we enjoy the expense, we also miss out on the joy of putting a great color on our hands. So today galglitter is going to recommend a few affordable and useful acrylic dip glitter powders that you can use at home to make exquisite nail art effects. 

  1. galglitter nude pink acrylic dip glitter powder 

This color is very every day, and very gentle, work, school or usually go out any occasion is very suitable. It’s not exaggerated at all, and it’s very temperamental. This one acrylic dip glitter powder is a very good color, apply a layer of words basically about a minute to dry, the bottle

inside a small steel ball, each time before applying a shake will be more smooth Oh, nude acrylic dip glitter powder usually apply a layer of words will be more transparent, so it is recommendedthat you can apply 2 -3 layers is just right ~ 

Second, dry rose color acrylic dip glitter powder. 

This one is a very gentle and temperamental dry rose color, very white. Basically, all skin colors can be harnessed; very versatile. Whether it’s a sports style lady style or hip-hop style coated, it will not be inconsistent; usually, work rub will not be abrupt. A thin layer is very good-looking, thick coating color more autumn and winter, dry quickly, and the smell is not so pungent oh. 

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Three rose thorns 

Just listening to the name already feels very romantic, right? In fact, the color of the hands cangive you a more romantic surprise. Oh. The color of the girl’s heart bursting, translucent sense of jelly powder overlaid with large gold sequins, and scattered small fine glitter, the texture is very advanced, pink, and not vulgar. And especially white, watery feeling, very suitable for spring andsummer, coated with a second to become a gentle little male. 

Four, crystal purple potato color 

The color and transparency effect is full points, but the texture of this one Acrylic dip glitter powder will be a little thick; a thin coating is not easy to apply evenly, so the color should bealittle thicker; apply a little thicker cream will automatically smooth out, to create the effect of light therapy nail Oh. If the light is dark, the color will be darker, deep purple and gray feeling, and if the light is brighter, the color will look more transparent, like a crystal purple potatodumpling glance, QQ bouncing, want to bite on ~. 

Five, rouge 

Many girls should think that pink things are particularly easy to show black, especially for the pinkacrylic dip glitter powder that a lot of people have rejected; this one acrylic dip glitter powder will not oh, blush powder plus a little light cocoa color, super gentle, want to try the pink color systembut also Fear of hand black girls can try a try oh, 100% hold! After drying, the gloss is very high, shiny, and oily; generally, brushing two layers is the ideal effect. 

Well, today, to give you a few recommended to, the Acrylic dip glitter powder is more gentle, has more everyday color, and general occasions are very applicable. Oh.

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