What are the Best and Worst Things About Living in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a hot choice for people wanting to start fresh in 2022 and 2023: but is it a good choice?  These are the best and worst parts of living in North Carolina and why you should consider this move soon!

A Taste of Every Season

North Carolina gets a taste of every season!  This means wonderful springs full of bright and beautiful greenery, fantastic falls where the leaves are turning golden and red, and hot summers that make you run to the coastline.  Although most of the state doesn’t get snow in the winter: if you head up to the mountains, you can enjoy all of the snow and chilly weather you could want in the winter.

The Summers Are Incredibly Hot

If you want to live somewhere that’s fun and cool in the summer: most of North Carolina isn’t it.  This state can get incredibly humid, and in the summer, that thick heat can suffocate.  Although the heat isn’t so bad if you live on the beaches, it can be a lot to deal with if you’re in a city or the piedmont region.  

The best thing to do if you live here is to drink lots of water and remember to use sunscreen even if the sky is overcast.  Sunburns are incredibly common in the summer months; even if you’re just driving a lot, your arms are at risk of burning in all of the sunlight here.

Incredibly Affordable Living

North Carolina is one of the most affordable states out there.  From Charlotte apartments for rent that are less than half the price of similar apartments in other cities to the low cost of entertainment and food, there’s so much money to be saved here.  This gives you the chance to invest in a bigger house or more into your hobbies, depending on what your interests are.  This affordable living makes North Carolina one of the most popular states to move to in recent years.

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The Risk of Hurricanes

This risk of a hurricane hitting the coastal areas of the state is never zero during hurricane season.  This state has a history of some catastrophic hurricane hits and knows the importance of flood insurance and picking a home that’s well above the floodplain.  Although a lot of homes are built to be storm resistant, this is still a terrifying thing every state on the east coast has to get used to.

Fantastic Natural Beauty to Explore

There’s nothing quite like the natural beauty you’ll find in North Carolina.  From the incredible Smoky Mountains to the fantastic beaches and Outer Banks that seem to stretch on forever, there’s enough beauty in every direction that you could never get bored.  Fantastic forests for hiking, awesome rivers for rafting and kayaking, mountains for rock climbing, and so much more are available to everyone in the state.  This gives you the chance to enjoy a fully balanced work and lifestyle. 

There’s Nothing Quite Like North Carolina

If you’re ready for a state that lets you live seaside or mountainside, depending on what you want: you’ll fall in love with North Carolina.  Although it has its flaws, they’re nothing compared to how awesome living here is.

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