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As the fall camp for the Vols begins on Saturday, we decided to record a podcast about the Vols, both past and present. The Volquest Podcast will talk about the team’s history, past games and current roster. We also have guest hosts Ash and Chris Demarais, and Morbid podcast, a true crime and spooky history podcast. This podcast is produced by the Morbid Network, which includes Caleb from Horror Soup and Gustavo Sorola.

Tennessee Vols recruiting

The Tennessee Vols continue to add to their class ahead of Wednesday’s National Signing Day. They are set to sign quarterback Jadyn Davis, a five-star prospect from Charlotte, on Friday. It will be his fourth trip to the campus. The Vols have a lot of work to do in the 2023 class, but they have a few early-ins in their sights. In this piece, we’ll look at the best players the Vols have recruited in the last week or so.

Kodi Burns has been a top-five prospect in recent months and has visited Tennessee with Nico Iamaleava on numerous occasions. This visit will give Tennessee one last chance to get him on campus before he announces his decision. Although Tennessee is viewed as one of the favorite schools in the country, other schools will likely be looking for his services. According to sources, Burns was contacted by the Vols before leaving for New Orleans. They talked about the opportunities Tennessee would have with him if he chose the school instead.

Simpson’s departure

The news of Ty Simpson’s departure from Volquest has many people concerned, especially those who were excited about his potential as a Tennessee Volunteer. After all, Tennessee had been recruiting Simpson since he was in middle school, and he had been to the Volunteers’ training camp a number of times. But his departure from Volquest is surprising and will surely sting his family. So what is his next move? Read the full article to find out.

After spending four seasons at Southern Cal, Simpson’s departure from Volquest is a blow to his family. He was a five-star recruit and committed to Clemson, but the pandemic changed everything. He was also approached by Trevor Lawrence, who is now the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. However, the news was not entirely negative for Volquest. It is a major setback for the Volquest family, but it is a sad one.

Kiffin’s plans to go to USC

Lane Kiffin is a candidate for head coaching at USC, but the university hasn’t revealed its plans. The elder Kiffin mentored USC’s legendary Pete Carroll, who coached the Trojans to three national championships. He left USC four years ago to become head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, but Kiffin still holds fond memories of the university. His fourth season at USC was his best, and he went 28-15. It’s a solid record given the Trojans’ scholarship restrictions, but is an embarrassment to a school with plenty of NFL talent. But, most USC alumni agree with Haden.

While the school has not made an official announcement, speculation has been mounting about Lane Kiffin’s intentions. While he had previously coached at Alabama, Kiffin left to become head coach at USC, a move that led to controversy and speculation about the snub of his former employer. Now, Kiffin’s next stop is the university he’s most familiar with, and the university is thrilled to welcome him back.

Kiffin’s office security

After the scandal broke last year, UT students burned two T-shirts and a mattress, and the school’s office security was slapped with a hefty fine. Lane Kiffin was fired after just 20 games, and he remains a pariah among UT fans. The next morning, however, Kiffin’s office security opened up and allowed a reporter into the building. In the meantime, Shory and Ford were arguing inside the boardroom. Soon, a throng of UT students gathered outside the football complex.

The Sun Devils coach did not appear to be worried about getting fired or the media questioning his judgment. But it appears that Kiffin does not want to leave a bad impression on the team’s fans. He was not worried about a potential controversy that could cost him his job. And he also doesn’t fear being questioned in the press or by fans. But what if he did? Then, what’s his motivation?

Kiffin’s early classes at UT

Lane Kiffin, hired as UT’s new coach after the 2008 season, had to put together his first recruiting class in a short period of time. His first class at UT was a disaster, filled with questionable character and several busts. It may have been Kiffin’s job to keep players in line as he had to make a decision on National Signing Day. But the questions are more concerning now than they were in 2008.

Final Words:

The question is whether Kiffin would have had a better chance at UT under Saban. Kiffin’s early classes at UT would have been less threatening than the ones he faced after leaving USC. The Vols could have won at least a third of their games against Alabama under Kiffin. While Florida and Georgia failed to live up to their hype, Kiffin would have had a better chance at succeeding at UT.


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